Najwa is providing floor grinding and polishing services in Dubai. They play an important role in making your floor attractive. Grinding is done to remove stains. To make it clear and shiny.  Polished. It has been almost 25 years since this work was done.  Najwa is one of the leading companies working in marble grinding and polishing.

We are professionals in this field. We are preferred for our high-quality work. There are many companies operating in Dubai that use inexperienced and inefficient materials that can ruin the surface of your floor.  That’s why we recommend that when you are going to spend money,

choose people who have full experience in this job. Choose a company that has been working in Dubai for a long time۔And customers should be satisfied with them. Because we know that you have a difficult decision to make. We make your problem easy. Najwa is a reliable marble polishing company in Dubai. 

Satisfying customers. If you also want you do not waste money and time. Our choice will be right for you. We have an experienced team for this work.  Use modern technology and missionary.  Use good quality chemicals for marble polishing. With the use of which the surface of the marble is not damage.

With the use of low cost and local chemicals, the surface of the marble deteriorates quickly. It loses its natural beauty. It has to be repair in a short time.  This saves a considerable amount of money. We are trustworthy professionals marble polishing in Dubai who do their job honestly and diligently.

It is up to you where to use the marble. Marble is usually a soft stone. It can be easily used anywhere.  But it is also very important to keep it clean. If it is not clean properly, it loses its natural beauty over time. The stone cannot maintain its luster by stretching and scratching on the marble. So be careful.  Is also very important۔

Marble Limestone Travertine These are all luxury stone-type floors. But they are all different from each other. Each one needs special attention. Treat appropriately.

Has your floor lost its luster? And you want to see it in the same condition it was in. It may be time for you to contact us. We’ve been told that your floor  What kind of restoration will be useful for this? How bad is this surface? How much will it cost? A full review of the marble surface will be done.  In order to estimate the cause of the deterioration of the surface.

Marble is the most used stone in Dubai, so my focus is on every aspect of marble restoration. Cleaning the stone with great care and without any injury is the best way.

The marble polishing company in Najwa Dubai is also different from other companies. When we are working, one or two people from our team are working all the time. One is buffering the floor and the other floor is use for drying. Which method is the best for this? I will explain in some detail so that you can know which is the best.  Acidification with steel wool is the most popular polishing process, also commonly called crystallization.

Diamond polish is also a popular polish. It is an excellent tool to polish diamonds with hard diamonds and pads. You have to run the diamond pads underwater. Until the desired shape of the marble is clear.

 Another popular practice is to use polished powder which is to be applie on the push. The powder is very rough. If used properly, it can give good results

Top Best Marble companies

Njwa Marble

Najwa is one of the leading companies working in marble grinding and polishing. We are professionals in this field. We prefer our high-quality work. There are many companies

Marble restoration expert

One of the famous companies in Dubai. Providing in-depth cleaning ground polishing services.

 Is also one of the top companies specializes in cleaning, grinding, sanding, polishing and many other things.

Clean Teach Gulf

Clean Teach Gulf Restoring marble removes stains and makes it shiny.  Use the given below things to clean the marble.

  1. Crystalble
  2. Crystalble all types of floor counter tops provide services for polishing table tops
  3. Marble cleaning-MRP
  4. 3m cleaning pad
  5. Floor pads