Marble Grinding and Polishing in Dubai


Marbles is a material which is very rare and mighty, people like to use in the flooring, countertops, or in the decorations in the homes and constructions, particularly, in luxurious buildings and places like Dubai. On the other hand, if you want to make it basic, you’ll need to do some routine maintenance work. That means you will have to carry on with tasks like grinding and polishing that is ensure they always look nice. In this paper, I will tell you scenarios when marble grinding and polishing is a necessary thing and in Dubai, where a fancy look is important. We will include the medium of Njwa marble company that excels in this technicality.

Understanding Marble Grinding:

Marble grinding is a process that is very often used to level the marble surface, getting rid of any irregularities, scratches, or discolorations. Eventually, marble finishes might get very scratched or discolored by the shoes, spills, or the lack of any proper care. Grinding will help to make the marble as smooth as it was before and also bring back its natural shine. In Dubai, where the marble aesthetic is very much valued, marble grinding is essential for maintaining the beauty of the marble surfaces in residences, hotels, offices, and also other commercial buildings.

The Polishing Process:

Then the grinding is finished and the surface is very smooth, the polishing process will be the next one. When polishing marble, we use specialized instruments and also grinders to bring the surface to a shiny polish. In addition to creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, the sealing process also helps to protect the surface of the marble, making it more resistant to stains and moisture. In Dubai, where dust and sand may be widespread, polishing the marble surfaces will help it to be protected from any damage and thus maintain its luxurious look for many years to come.

First Step

Take the first step of Grinding by cleaning the marble floor well to prevent any sand and other rough particles remain on the floor.

Second Step

That section between the marble tiles must grout it by applicable whichever color of the marble tiles and grout used earlier.

Third Step

Based on the condition of the marble floor we will start by grinding with the 50-grit disc fitted on our floor grinder, then we will progress with the 100-grit, 200-grit decks, and finally with the 400-grit decks. Machinery and surface leveling can start gradually after having the experts follow up regularly. The operators should have a clear look following the floor at every level.

Fourth Step

Through the use of high polishing to shine the surface and smoothness sharpening by cleaning the power of natural crystals with a polishing machine. Polishing is a multi-step process that depends on the specific stone features as well as on the consideration of the age of the floor.

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DIY marble grinding, and polishing kits selling is not a novelty. Professional results are much more attainable through specialized equipment. In Dubai, many marble grinding and polishing companies not only cover required services for residential properties but are also ready to deal with any sort of work for commercial clients. With many positive attributes, Njwa Marble comes at the top of the list of customer-trusted businesses and is known for its quality craftsmanship and high focus on customer satisfaction. Professionally trained workers pay utmost attention to details and Njwa Marble ensures that your marble surfaces stay in the same glory they were bought.


Making the marble surfaces wearing-type can be one of the main maintenance tasks that guarantee the beauty and lifespan of the marble surfaces in the city of Dubai. Investing in professional grinding, milling, and polishing services same Njwa Marble services will allow you to keep the marble floor, countertops, and other surfaces you might have gorgeous and shiny for a long period, which would in turn valuable and luxurious to your space. Therefore, in case you intend to heighten the beauty of your home or business in Dubai, consider the options of marble grinding and polishing with Njwa Marble among your regular outputs for the maintenance of your home or business.