Best Way to Care for Your Marble Floors

We’ve recently blogged about polishing your marble flooring– marble is an increasingly popular flooring option. To bring a magnificent natural beauty to your home. However, marble is quite a delicate material that can easily scratch or stain, and to polish it the right way you must use great care and the proper materials.

Marble Polishing Service

Common Mistakes

Cleaning marble isn’t as simple as it is with other flooring options. We get into our suggestions, you need to know what NOT to do with your marble to ensure that it won’t break.

Spills can do damage to your marble floors, but mopping them up with a soaked mop can do even more damage. Be sure to only use a slightly damp mop for spills on a marble surface.

Marble is especially sensitive to acidic cleaners. For this reason, you should only clean marble with cleaners specifically designed for marble floors. Other store-bought products or DIY methods like vinegar, lemon, or ammonia could cause irreversible damage to your floors.

Never leave or drag heavy furniture or sharp objects on a marble floor, as they can easily cause damage.

How It’s Done

To prepare for polishing your marble, a polishing compound specifically designed for your kind of marble (cultured or uncultured), a low-speed polished. A marble sealant is used. Once the surface is perfectly clean. It applies to the compound in small sections. It can be a tedious job since it needs to be done with expert care throughout. You don’t want to leave any room for damage to the marble!

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