Marble Crystallization Services in Dubai

Marble crystallization powder is a chemical agent or chemical compound used in marble polishing. They are normally a mixture of several chemicals including oxalic acid, oxalate, and other proprietary secret. When the curing powder is added to a marble substrate, it comes in contact with the calcium carbonate in the marble and forms a crystalline layer on the surface causing a glossy finish.

Stone restoration and maintenance professionals widely practice the cleaning method.

Process of Marble crystallization

  1. Assessment: At first, a trained technician from the NJWA Marble would examine the marble surface which would give the idea of how severe the damage is, the type of marble substrate, and what treatment method could be appropriate.
  2. Preparation: The marble stone will be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, grime, or any coating there. This step aims to provide the crystal chemicals to facilitate the permeation of marble.
  3. Grinding (if necessary): If the marble surface is marked with claws, stains, or irregularity, grinding may be needed to even the surface and get rid of defects. In this phase of processing, diamond abrasive pads or grinding machines would be employed.
  4. Application of Crystallization Chemicals: NJWA Marble experts would distribute the chemicals for crystallization equally over the marble cleaned using special equipment. The chemicals interact with the calcium carbonate in the marble to produce a crystalline layer on the surface depending on the level of pollution.
  5. Buffing and Polishing: When all the chemicals are dried and bonded to the marble surface, the technicians will use high-speed buffing machines with polishing pads to buff the surface to a high-gloss shine. This step is used to ensure the marbling is more uniform and finish to get rid of any minor blemishes.
  6. Cleaning and Inspection: Finally, after the crystallization process is finished, the marble surface will be completely washed to bring it back to sparkling cleanly by removing the remaining chemicals or dirt. The technicians would finally check the surface to ensure that the defined targets have been reached.
  7. Optional Sealing: A penetrating sealer can sometimes be used. This adds protection from stains, etching, and damage to the marble surface by NJWA Marble. This step will ensure the long-lasting life of the mark. So the appearance will be maintained well over time.

Advantages of Marble crystallization

Marble crystallization, when performed correctly by a professional service provider like NJWA Marble, can offer several advantages Marble crystallization.

  1. Restoration of Shine: Often marble surfaces get dull over long-term usage due to abrasion, frequent foot traffic, and exposure to different factors. Polishing can help to give marble a shiny and lustrous look similar to that of a new piece.
  2. Scratch Removal: Crystallization processing may assist in filling in tiny scratches and imperfections on the top side of the marble, improving the whole look.
  3. Stain Resistance: Additives are included in some of the crystallization products to form a protective shield on the marble surface, thus it becomes sturdier to resist contaminants like spills or other dirty substances.
  4. Enhanced Durability: Thanks to the crystalline layer (formed on the surface of the marble), the stone becomes more resistant to abrasion and wear, so it lasts longer.
  5. Ease of Maintenance: Normally, crystallized stone surfaces are preferable since they are easier to clean and maintain than untreated marble. The silky, glossy finish enables you to clean the grime, dirt, dust, or spills easily.
  6. Cost-Effective: Crystallization can be a cheaper substitute for resurfacing instead of having the marble surfaces worn out and damaged. It puts a whole new glow on an aging marble in comparison to the cost of the full replacement.
  7. Professional Service: A company such as NJWA Marble has the requisite experience, equipment, and also needed products for the crystallization process to be done safely and effectively. The result is that the marble will not be damaged.
  8. Versatility: Crystallization can be adapted for various types of marbles with surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls, and more which turns this technology into a very versatile solution to the marble maintenance and restoration issues.

Overall, marble crystallization is something valuable for the conservation of the beauty and structure of the marble surfaces, for bringing about the aesthetic quality, and consequently increasing their life.