There are many types of marble in the UAE.  And floor care products are needed to maintain their luster. The question is that How to maintain and marble repair Dubai?

Repairing cracks in marble is usually the most difficult problem.  Cracks in marble surfaces come in many forms, from cracks to cracks.  For cracks, it is possible that they can be refilled and in many cases can be polished to repair the marble surface.  Repair of cracks is short on depth, length, and crack. More importantly, an efficient and aesthetically pleasing repair of marble depends largely on the expertise of stone repair and maintenance professionals.

Acid Rain on Marble

When marble is exposed to salts or acid rain.  So the surface may become rough and powdery.  Cleanses designed to maintain marble levels are available in the market.  But they can be used by experts and professionals. Never use abrasive cleansers that damage the surface.  Find your marble polishing powder. Which is designed for this.  And follow the instructions given.  Stains will need to be dealt with.  Baking soda poultry is a common solution to remove many stains.  Mix baking soda in a little water and spread on the stain.  After 12 to 24 hours you gently remove and wipe with a soft cloth.

The use of traditional mop and bucket is the main cause of floor dirt.  It also helps in the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Because mops aren’t really clean.  So bacteria and viruses are born inside them.  Which you spread all over the floor.

When trying to clean mops dirty mops allow water to accumulate new dirt in the grout.

A terrific alternative is the result of healthy clean floors.  Using Marble Life Intercede-based Marble Ender and Tine Cleanses and Microfiber Towels We recommend Microfiber Towels.  Because they perform better than pads.  They are more economical.  And you can change them frequently.

We use microfiber mops.  They have Velcro up and down to hold the microfiber towel.


Marble Repair

Easy to marble repair or clean your floor.  Just spray Marble Life Intercede Cleanse on the floor and form it with a microfiber towel.  After doing the reasonably sized area, give the microfiber towel turn moves to dry the area.

Despite regular cleaning, there are stains on the marble that are often difficult to remove.  The stains became so strong that they were not easily removed.

Although marble and a durable stone used in the marble floor is a surface. But it takes special care to clean and see it. It contains calcium carbonate that makes it anxiety through any acid. The access marble is softer and more unsafe. And as a result, you have more scratches and stresses to be influenced by the spark.

Acidic foods, alcohol, fruit juices, and their peels and even vinegar will damage the marble.  When you use a countertop to prepare food, use a large cutting board such as a protective sheet while you work.  Do this so that scratches etc. do not appear on the countertop.

Marble can bear hot vessels. But still, you will have to protect it. Working on Counterpatpagates and plastic below the plants and glasses. Clear it after immediately finishing work.

It reacts with acid.  Resulting in CO² and H²O breaking down.  So you should never use acidic cleaner or vinegar to clean marble.  Even dilute acid will scratch the surface of your marble.

Marble Cleaning

In addition to the daily cleaning of marble, marble surfaces require spring cleaning.  The way we clean our house windows, doors, etc. before a festival comes.  Thus marble also requires cleaning.  Acidic liquids and dirt will leave marks on the surface of the cloth and you clean gently with warm water.  Even if the stains are not clean, you need to polish the surface with some ingredients and skills.  If you find it difficult to polish then you have to hire a specialist. So that the beauty of marble can be maintained for a long time.

Instead of using acidic cleaners, use one designed for marble tiles.