The floor marble design construction is an exciting topic for the members of a house. In the whole history, the marble floor was seen as a symbol of money and luxury. The floor marble design is present from the palace of Versailles to beautiful taj-mahal, involve enhances their beauty. Marble in its original shape; send to different factories from the stone quarries.

Where it’s cut down into tiles, slabs, and mosaics. After making this type of product, sold it to different marble shops.  Later on, according to the buyer’s requirements sealed and polished it. Various marble floor designs are available at a low cost and depend on their quality.

Floor marble design is one of the most luxurious and beautiful. It has a full history, as it was a material for all designers, architects, and artists in whole human history. Because of a completely natural matter, marble flooring tiles are extracted from mountain ranges and it is available in different size and color around the world.

Classic floor marble design

 Borders Marble Design

A Brown or black border looks beautiful and stylish instead of a white border . Different floor marble design are available, that enhance the beauty of rooms and galleries. An Eastern and royal look creates it, almost walking on the floor is such important work. Like that, making an impressive and exciting entry on the floor and making naturally go outside.

Broken floor marble Design

In this floor marble design, marble tiles burst into small unequal parts. These parts may be in different shapes and help to make the zigzag patterned flooring. Besides it, you can decorate the area of your garden using these marble shapes. This marble design is the most famous one in India’s marble flooring.

Dark marble floor

At last, the historical floor marble design does justice to various rooms. It will be equal to the greatest luxury and diligence. Bardiglio is one of the famous types of marble.

It consists of blue color tiles along with light gray lines, which represent the bold and deep colors. For black marble flooring using the bardiglio nuvolato type is best, depending on the very deep background, with white and light color lines, mark able and abstract, cut or slabs.

White floor marble design for interiors

In any situation, from the antique and attractive suggestions, light color or white floor marble design tiles are brighter, who perfect for big rooms. But it is necessary for small rooms because it will give a shiny floor. You can create Nordic, Traditional, and Vintage-style rooms using these types.

Along with white color shades for insider parts, if the marble flooring tiles are light or deep color and wooden interact with diamond work furniture then look best. In the range of all light colors, we chose diligent and attractive colors for creating the suggested marble floor.

Calacatta, which consists of particular gray color, in which various mark able and deep gray veins are available for wonderful gray marble flooring. White marble gets from statuario and statuaries, and it is black steal also necessary to match with furniture, who combines the steel wood and colorful pastel shades that never go out of fashion.

Checkered Floor Design

Black and white floor marble design/black and brown mark able floor most famous around the world. This design of floor, have pleasant and playful standard making the bold of any open place in the entire home. Count 8 across and 8 down, and you play chess using the big pieces of chess.

Botticino Marble Floor Design

In floor marble design Botticino is a natural type of marble, important to take care of it in good manners. However, many people give importance to its unique colors and designs. It is a very small dot of marble stone and consists of brown color.

This type is used to create an exterior design. Botticino is known for its beauty and properties. However, you can use Botticino if your home has many open spaces.

A Sunny Statement with Marble Design

Yellow marble enhances the texture and charm of your home while remaining unable to identify. It looks beautiful with wooden furniture and gives a sense of unity. If you want to use simple black and white marble, so it has. The  choices are unending. We have tried a lot best ones for you .marble floor design

Bardiglio Gray Marble Hexagon design

If you want to make your interior style a little different and unique, so you will like the gray marble hexagon design.  Bardiglio is made in a different hexagon shape.  It is deep gray shades wonderful model of marble so that a silver ion shield create on its surface, which helps to remove 99% of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms for a safe and stylish look.

 Marble Tukdi Floor Design

The word Turki means parts and separation. Various types and shades of marble tiles are cut and combined to make the pieces designed. Such type of arrangement creates the outer side of your homes like patios, porches, and verandahs, best to make it different from other areas of the home.

Marble Floor Costs

Most house owners pay 10$ to 20$ per square foot and the average 250-square foot room cost 25,000$ to 50,000$ to install it. Besides it, installing marble flooring in the bathroom, foyer or hallway will cost less.


Marble tiles are one of the most famous flooring choices. Because of that, marble offers many advantages. It is the best insulator that reflects light. You can use floor marble design in any room available at a low cost.