Are you design knowledge and finding something unique to develop a longtime effect in your home or business? From floors in Dubai to work surfaces, concrete is dictated every place to compliment your interior decor. Early used in locations for example offices, malls, and warehouses it has now become an approved solution for homes. Improve from standard floorings such as tiles and carpets and add a touch of grace with this practical yet polished material.

Flooring Concrete in Dubai is well known for its utility including both its shape and purpose. It comes in multiple designs and colors, can be plain and fine, and transpire in several finishes from matte to big gloss.

You can now give your concrete a brand-new look like never before! A touch of polish colors, textures, prints, and designs can construct it look amazing.

Concrete flooring in Dubai is a modern, long-lasting option for indoor floors. It’s not just for paths; concrete is a modern option for indoor floors. Its outside surface can be finished in various methods—with colors, shade, and collection—and given a textured surface or polish until glassy.

Concrete floors in Dubai are very long-lasting and easy to wash, and they react against water when correctly sealed. Concrete works well with radiant heating, and the surface grip heat to cut energy bills.

Concrete floors in Dubai are becoming very liked because they lead a stylish view to every room in your house, making it show perfect.

Where can you use the concrete?

Concrete isn’t just for the garage floor! It has numerous uses, some of which we have below:


In a place like your kitchen polished concretes are a perfect option. You no longer have to trouble about shade and scrape, sneaker marks on the floor, furniture legs, pet claws, etc. because you can easily finish o and the floor still looks great and attractive. The maintenance of polished concrete is very simple, making it the perfect option for the ‘dirty’ place of any building. Mostly, concrete floors in Dubai are used in a kitchen.


In areas such as hallways of residence or entryways of the storeroom, office buildings, and hotels where there is high traffic, a difficult draining yet the modern floor is a must. You can add a stone effect floor to develop a unique look. Polishing improves the appeal of the floor, giving it a beautiful shine and making it resistant to any kind of difficult stains, oils, chemicals, etc.


today, using concrete flooring in Dubai for the stairs is also very well liked. Imitation stone is cost-effective yet looks classy unlike other hard floorings such as quartz and marble which are very costly.


Concrete works well in wet surroundings. Bathrooms are an easy target for slipperiness, so ignore this problem by adding texture to the floor. Since they are cool by nature you can keep warm by developing an under-floor heating system.

Benefits of concrete flooring in Dubai

Concrete is unbelievably solid and powerful. It is used even for paths and driveways. As a flooring substance, it has all the strength and long-lasting of a highway. You can not scratch a concrete floor in Dubai. Advantages of Concrete Floors:

  • Trouble free
  • Ozen friendly
  • Durable
  • Design choice

Green Hands has developed high-quality – high-tolerance – industrial concrete floor solutions. We give concrete flooring technology through the change in materials, construction methods, and design.

Carpenter is working on SPC flooring inside the house.

A polished concrete floor provides a competitive benefit over other types of flooring choices due to its many benefits. Polished concrete floors are high, long-lasting, low cost, simple to clean and manage, aesthetically pleasing, reflective, sustainable, and is found in multiply colors and designs.

Concrete flooring in Dubai and the environment

During the summers, concrete floors in Dubai contain a little layer of wet on the floor. This occurs because concrete is cold and when it comes in contact with the water vapor present on a hot and steamy day this leads to a collection of moisture on the floors the next morning.

To save slips and stop the damage from moisture, concrete floors require to be sealed. This also assists in increasing the long-lasting beauty of the floor

Today, companies have started using a procedure that decreases the pollution caused by building and production leading to more eco-friendly practices. Recycling older concrete is now being used as an aggregate and water used to wash out concrete trucks is reused to mix fresh concrete. This causes a reduction in the amount of waste material ending up in the depot.

Concrete floors in Dubai

Concrete floors in Dubai are also energy structured, which means that heating and cooling price are lowered due to less leakage. Moreover, transportation costs are decreased as concrete is made close to the building site.

Polished concrete floors are agreeable with current luxury. These days polished concrete flooring is widely used in modern architecture for wasteful home constructions, the main reason being the broad types of possible finishes it supplies.

A cream polished concrete finish s an organic, diversified, marble-like appearance, mostly grey. It is easy on the pocket and works well for high-gloss polishing.

Polished concrete finish is occasionally used in new home construction, whereas it is broadly used in commercial or industrial applications and home renovations. The salt and pepper finish is got by lightly grinding the surface on the concrete, exposing the little composite in the concrete mix.


In summary concrete flooring in Dubai is the perfect option to build a design statement while staying within budget. So why not stylish your apartment, home, or your business areas into a contemporary yet classy design with this flexible material?

Dubai on Sunday declares its decision to switch to green concrete to make its ever-swell built-up areas well and more defendable. The target is to keep Dubai a healthy city that keeps to the highest standards of defendable development and provides the home a clean and pollution-free environment.